Minesweeper Online

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Minesweeper Online
The classic puzzle game that Windows has had for over 20 years is now available in a reimagined version. Enjoy the classic logic game that you love with new graphics and sound. Use a touchscreen or a mouse and keyboard to locate all mine locations without having to uncover any! Start with the Easy puzzle, then move up to Expert.

Minesweeper Online
You can play minesweeper online free of charge on the IE10 Test site. This website showcases the new beautiful design and outstanding performance in a brand new avatar. For many years, Minesweeper has been the most loved Windows game that comes preloaded on Windows computers. Minesweeper is loved by many gamers and will challenge anyone with analytical skills.

You can play minesweeper online and not only will you experience the unique gaming experience of HTML5 games but you also have the opportunity to see other web standards like CSS3, touch and transitions. Also, you'll be able to get a better idea of your browser speed and responsiveness. Play minesweeper online on any modern browser and mobile phone browsers. It's also available on Windows 8 Touch interface.